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Board's Consultative meeting with TikTok officials

The Kenya Film Classification Board, led by the Chairperson Mr. John Njogu Njoroge, HSC, accompanied by the Ag. CEO, Mr. Joel Wamalwa on 30th August 2023, hosted officials from TikTok, led by Mr. Fortune Mgwili Sibanda, the Head of Government Relations and Public Policy Sub-Saharan Africa, when they paid the Board a courtesy call. 

They discussed possible areas of collaboration, especially content monitoring and moderation on TikTok, as well as monetization, among other emerging issues. 

Mr. Njoroge lauded the TikTok officials for their courtesy call, noting that collaboration in content regulation is key to ensuring that children are not exposed to inappropriate content and safeguarding Kenya's moral fabric.

On his part, Mr. Wamalwa said that KFCB in collaboration with other relevant Government agencies is keen on fostering collaboration with TikTok and other platforms to help content creators monetize and commercialize their talents.

The Ag. CEO, however, noted the need to monitor and moderate audio-visual content exhibited on TikTok and other platforms, more so the live sessions, so as to protect children from exposure to harmful content.

He affirmed the Board's commitment to working with other Government and private sector agencies on programs geared towards spurring the Creative Economy.

Board's Consultative meeting with TikTok officials

Mr. Mgwili Sibanda, on his part, expressed TikTok's commitment to working with KFCB to ensure that content exhibited on its platform is in line with the community guidelines and the Board's film classification guidelines.

The TikTok officials will be facilitating a workshop for the KFCB's Compliance Department staff, tomorrow, Thursday 31st August 2023, on content review mechanisms on social media apps, community guidelines, and parental controls.