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KFCB Applauds Cape Media Limited for Launching Talents Academy To Nurture & Monetize Talents 

KFCB Applauds Cape Media Limited for Launching Talents Academy To Nurture & Monetize Talents

The Kenya Film Classification Board has applauded Cape Media Limited in collaboration with Mount Kenya University for launching the Talents Academy program which seeks to harness, cultivate, nurture, showcase, and monetize the talents of young Kenyans through training. 

While speaking during the launch of the Talents Academy, held on 20th June 2024, at Mount Kenya University, Thika Campus, Ms. Nelly Muluka, the KFCB’s Ag. Chief Manager, Corporate Services and Administration, who spoke on behalf of the Ag. CEO, Mr. Paskal Opiyo, hailed the program noting that it will be a game-changer in creating employment opportunities for students in the creative sector.

“It is gratifying to note that the Talents Academy targets students in universities and that beneficiaries will acquire professional hands-on training and employment opportunities, among other key incentives. As a Board, we sincerely applaud the thought behind the initiative that is key to addressing the mismatch of skills that has hindered young people pursuing careers in the Creative Economy,” Mr. Opiyo said in a speech read by Ms. Muluka.

The KFCB commended Cape Media for supporting the Creative industry by broadcasting locally produced audio-visual content and providing a platform for Kenyans to share their unique and authentic stories and experiences on its various platforms.

“Your role in creating job opportunities for young people, as well as promoting the consumption of local content is laudable and aligns well with the Government's Fifth Pillar of the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA) and the Talanta Hela Initiative,” he said

As a State Agency mandated to regulate the creation, distribution, possession, broadcasting, and exhibition of audio-visual content, the KFCB further applauded Cape Media for complying with the provisions of the Films and Stage Plays, Act Cap 222 of the Laws of Kenya, by consistently submitting all content aired on its platforms for examination and classification. As a matter of course, the reason behind examining and classifying film and broadcast content is to mainly to protect children/minors from exposure to inappropriate content as well as to ensure that content conforms to our Kenyan culture and National values. 

Mr. Opiyo noted that the Government has recognized the Creative Economy as a key pillar for job creation and the launch of the Talent Academy courtesy of Cape Media Limited and Mt Kenya University was, therefore, significant and resonates with the Government’s resolve to spur the growth of the creative space through talent development and monetization.

KFCB Applauds Cape Media Limited for Launching Talents Academy To Nurture & Monetize Talents

“It is worth noting that the objectives of the Talent Academy resonate with the BETA and the Talanta Hela Initiative that is being championed by the Ministry of Youth Affairs, the Creative Economy, and Sports where KFCB is domiciled. It is, therefore, with no doubt that this program has the potential to create job opportunities, especially in this era, when the white-collar job space is shrinking alarmingly. Indeed, this is an opportunity that should be embraced by both the public and private stakeholders to empower the young generation,” he indicated.

The Ag. CEO reaffirmed KFCB’s commitment to creating a facilitative regulatory environment to spur the growth of the creative economy through various initiatives in line with the Talanta Hela program whose objective is to identify, recruit, nurture, market, and monetize talents. “The Government believes that through talent monetization, we will economically empower millions of young talented Kenyans. Consequently, the Talent Academy provides an opportunity for the KFCB to link with industry stakeholders who are part of this noble initiative,” he observed.

He added, “KFCB’s engagement in the Talents Academy could be realized through the provision of Gratis License and Classification Waivers to the participants for educational purposes in line with the law, sensitization of participants on the existing film regulatory requirements, and compliance, among other emerging trends within the sector. 

As part of ensuring a facilitative regulatory environment to spur the growth of the Creative Economy, Mr. Opiyo indicated that the KFCB has proposed the review of various regulatory frameworks meant to make obtaining licenses easier for creatives, as well as to promote the ‘ease of doing business for the industry stakeholders. 

In the spirit of Talanta Hela, the KFCB has redefined the role of film agents in Kenya. As a result, local filmmakers can obtain licenses directly from the Board without going through a Film Agent as was the case before. Moreover, the KFCB has proposed a self-classification framework that once enacted will see the involvement of industry players in the examination and classification of audio-visual content.  Transition to the self-regulatory regime shall be pegged on prior training on the local film classification guidelines and other regulatory requirements. 

In addition, the Ag CEO said that through the Nairobi Film Centre (NFC), formerly known as Nairobi Cinema, the KFCB has provided a platform for creatives to showcase their talents at affordable and discounted rates and urged creatives to utilize the 850-seater facility in showcasing their talents.

 KFCB Applauds Cape Media Limited for Launching Talents Academy To Nurture & Monetize Talents

He called upon stakeholders within the creative space to support and partner with the KFCB in its programs and campaigns, especially those on responsible creation and consumption of audio-visual content under the Media Literacy Program titled: YOU ARE WHAT YOU CONSUME. 

Prof. Deogratius Jaganyi, Vice-Chancellor, Mt. Kenya University, and Mr. Mwenda Njoka, Group Managing Director, Cape Media also spoke at the launch that brought together various participants among them students and lecturers