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Board Urges Creatives to Leverage on Technology, Monetize Content

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has urged local creatives to leverage on the
advancing technology to monetize their content.
Speaking during the 5 th Decapture Media Institute Graduation ceremony, held on Thursday 8 th
December, 2022, at the Nairobi Film Centre (NFC), KFCB’s Corporate Communications
Manager, Ms. Nelly Muluka, said technology has provided key platforms for the distribution and
exhibition of audio-visual content, hence a platform for creatives to make money as well as grow
their careers.

She observed that the Creative Economy contributes over 6.1% to the Global Domestic Product
(GDP), averaging between 2 and 7% of the National GDP’s across the world.
“It is estimated that photos and video comprise over 80% of all internet activities. Over five
hundred hours of video are uploaded every minute much of it via YouTube, Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter and TikTok," she noted.

Ms. Muluka further noted that Kenya is leading in Africa with its internet penetration at eighty-
five point two percent (85.2%) and over ten point four million (10,444,000) content consumers,
presenting an enormous opportunity for independent content producers.


She indicated that the rise of digital media provides an open platform for content creators to
create, distribute and exhibit their work and in the process contribute to the GDP.
Ms. Muluka observed that the role of Creative Arts as a vehicle for social, cultural and economic
development cannot be ignored anymore and urged content creators to use film to champion
societal values.

“Indeed, film has become a critical part of our day-to-day life and socialization and we should
use it to promote our diverse cultural values as a well as a tool to champion inclusivity and socio-
economic development,” she added.

She noted that KFCB has re-defined the role of film agents in Kenya and filmmakers are now
able to acquire filming licenses directly from the Board without the involvement of a film agent.
This, she said provides an opportunity for young aspiring filmmakers to participate in the local
creative economy through job creation and wealth generation.


Additionally, she observed that KFCB has proposed a self-classification framework which shall
be subjected to public consultation together with the revised Film Classification Guidelines,
reiterating that the objective of the framework is to enhance compliance with film sector laws
and to align regulation with technological trends and market realities.
She applauded the Management of Decapture Media Institute for their continued production of
quality content creators not only in Kenya but in the Region.

“I reiterate our Board’s commitment to effective service delivery to the Creatives and assure
them of our unwavering support in their pursuits to prosperity within the law,” she said.