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Government set to reduce license fees for local filmmakers

Government set to reduce license fees for local filmmakers

Local filmmakers and other industry players will soon pay lower regulatory fees if stakeholders adopt a Government proposal to reduce the license charges applicable in the film sector.

In the revised regulations published for public consultation on Tuesday March 28, 2023, the Youth Affairs, Arts and Sports Ministry proposes a 15% reduction in filming fees for local filmmakers.  The license fees for foreign filmmakers will remain unchanged. 

In an apparent move to encourage broadcasters and cinema theatres to air and screen local film content, the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) will charge local companies lower fees for the examination and classification of film content. 

Other proposals in the draft regulations include imposing lower classification fees on cinema operators, video shops, and dens with more screens. 

This proposal is meant to encourage additional investment in the film exhibition sector and thus provide opportunities for local filmmakers to monetize their talent and content in line with the wider Government’s policy of putting money in the pockets of artists. 

Kenya has a total of 39 cinema screens located mainly in the main cities. 

In the same vein, local Video on Demand and other commercial online streaming platforms will enjoy lower film distribution license fees.

The Government has also proposed a new film rating, PG 13, in a move meant to bridge the huge rating gap for content meant for children aged between 10 and 16.  The current local film ratings include the General Exhibition (GE), Parental Guidance (PG), 16, 18 and Restricted.

The revised film classification guidelines propose to outlaw the broadcast, distribution and exhibition of films that glamorize and promote gay themes. 

KFCB uses the film classification guidelines to assign age-appropriate ratings to broadcast and film content.
The proposed Regulations and Guidelines include Film and Stage Plays (Film Classification) Guidelines, 2023, Films and Stage Plays (Self-Classification) Regulations, 2023, Films and Stage Plays (Film Distribution and Exhibition) Regulations, 2023, Films and Stage Plays (Film Censorship) Regulations, 2023 and the Films and Stage Plays (Cinematograph Films) (Forms and Fees), Regulations, 2023. 
The public consultations on the proposed regulations will close on Friday April 21, 2023. 
Detailed draft Regulations and Guidelines can be accessed on the KFCB website via:
Government set to reduce license fees for local filmmakers